Friday, January 05, 2007


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Times flies by as my two sons now has gone to school (Kindergarten) 3rd January 2007 (bestnya tgk anak pegi sekolah) ..... preferred places is Smart Readers Worldwide which is in B******* area. Which at first we thought that is was the nearest of all for both of us. The First and second day is a day which u really need a strenght to communicate & to use ur own phsychology to give more confident to your child in order for them to go back to school on the other day. But luckily I have a sons which they really keen to go to school but not for the day care session (Taska)....(uissssshhh..........PAYAH nya!!)

It's quite hard for you (esp grandma)to leave your son to school for the whole day especially right after the school; that they have to attend for a day care session until we were back from work, furthermore they (son) keep complaining that the school is not nice (bored) no game to play as compared to his grandma and our house, no tv channel that suites them and so other excuses that they gave for not coming to the day care session on the next day.

And on the Grandma site; of course she will keep defending her grandchild saying that (diaorang tak pandai lagi, kecik lagi, 'culture-shock', daripada kecik aku bela..diaorang tak biasa....etc...etc...) and at the same time she will cry and insist for not sending the kids to the day care centre (Taska) and of course she will remember on her very precious moments with the grandchildren (saat diaorang bersama) ..... but time has to change and 'WE' as a parent we have to do something to serve the best for the kids for their future jugak;

For us the parents; The programme is perfect to develop the minds of children to be inquisitive and creative. Built on a uniquely designed concept, it offers an imaginative and educational experience that cannot be matched.

Smart Readers has did their very best in providing their services to teach your child as what u have expected once u enroll the kids. As they provide ur child with a few subject that is really worth such as:-

Bahasa Melayu
Creative Work
Environmental Education

Besides :-

* A specially designed learning environment
* Small group learning with individual attention
* Well-trained teachers by their corporate lecturers and trainers.
* Termly reports on the child’s progress

For further info:-

Please call SMARTLINE at 03 –2300 2555 to enrol your child at a centre nearest to you.

To my beloved AMIFIQUE :

MAMA & AYAH will alwiz love you and provide u as best and as gud as we could for your future living. PERCAYALAH


Ireland mummy said...

Me also sent my kid (son) to Q-dees.

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