Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Princess of our Heart

Dunno why I just can't stop from writing, thinking about her all the times...but being as a Mother am so excited and proud to have her in the other words "KURNIAAN ALLAH s.w.t YANG TIDAK TERHINGGA".

Nur Arissa Adilla aka Icha is now turns to seven (7) months old....TIME FLIES SO FAST and now she can talk (babies talk)- Icha first word is nyamm nyamm nyamm nyammmmmmm, singing, laughing all the times, throwing all the toys and plates, screaming to the brothers and daddy and crying a lot specially when she's craving for a milk....hehehehe....MISS HER LOADS!!

p/s: we're getting ready to celebrates Amirul 9th Birthday Bash...ermm what is best for him?


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