Thursday, October 28, 2010

My New Favourite Drink

Hi Friends,

Just want to share my happiness as am currently taking this product in order to maintain my beauty (konon aje tapi takdelah cantik sangat I nie....)

Thanks to my hubby jugak coz sudi melayan my kerenah yang bukan-bukan nie... For your information I baru guna this product baru masuk 4 hari so can't see the results yet... Hopefully menjadi...

Below are the introduction of the product by the manufacturer itself :-

NH Colla Plus - What is it?

NH Colla Plus proves that beauty comes from within, as this instant concentrated marine collagen beauty drink nourishes to promote smoother, firmer and supple skin.

Formulated in Japan for Asians, NH Colla-Plus is using the latest spray dry technology to break down molecules for easier and effective absorption deep into the skin to strengthen skin foundation.

NH Colla Plus contains 5000mg marine collagen, vitamin C and red grape juice concentrate to activate the skin's collagen production, fight against damage by free radicals and to delay ageing.

Highly recommended for

* Those who work in air-conditioned rooms
* Those with sluggish skin metabolism
* Post-delivery and lactating mothers
* Stressed individuals, people who sleep late and those who with unhealthy diets
* Those who suffer from wrinkles, sagging skin, dry skin, dull complexion, and
other ageing skin problems

Product size in the markets contains six (6) bottles in a box (as per the picture)

Retail price: RM83.90 (WM) & RM86.90 (EM)


7 Beauty Effects of NH Colla Plus

* Strengthens and supports the skin's structure to improve skin tone and
* Enhances moisture-holding capacity of skin cells

* Nourishes skin to prevent ageing and smoothens fine line and wrinkles

* Whitens skin and brightens a dull complexion

* Promotes tissue regeneration to heal injured skin and scars

* Accelerates metabolism to rejuvenate the skin

* Revitalizes healthy hair and nails with a complete range of amino acids

Frequent Ask Questions

1. Who will benefit most from taking NH Colla-Plus?

People who desire young and radiant skin and those who suffer from dry skin, dark eye circles, eye bags, fine lines & wrinkles, enlarged pores, noticeable neck lines, sagging breasts & hips, double-chin and other skin problems will benefit most from taking NH Colla-Plus. This instant beauty drink can help stimulate the skin's collagen synthesis, delay ageing and restore youthfulness.

2. How soon can results be seen from taking NH Colla-Plus?

According to clinical findings, your skin will becomes noticeably firmer and smoother after 6 days of consumption. It generally takes about 30 days to see a significant improvement in your skin problems.

3. When would be the best time to consume NH Colla-Plus?

NH Colla-Plus can be taken anytime but dermatologists recommend taking it before bedtime as cell repairs take place at night.

4. Does NH Colla-Plus cause any side effects?

No. NH Colla-Plus is an all-natural formula and made mostly from purified hydrolyzed marine collage. No side effects will occur from long-term usage.

5. Will NH Colla-Plus contribute to weight gain after long term consumption?

No. NH Colla-Plus is a low-calorie drink with ZERO fat content, thus it will not contribute to weight gain with long term consumption.

6. Why do we need to consume one bottle every alternate day starting from Day 7?

Each bottle of NH Colla Plus contains 5000mg of marine collagen which is sufficient to meet the collagen needs of our body for 2 days. This beauty drink utilizes the latest spray drying technology to break down molecules and increase collagen absorption up to 99%, therefore needing only to be consumed every alternate day, for healthier more hydrated skin.

7. What are the differences between NH Colla-Plus and other available collagen powder or capsules in the market?

Besides using premium quality raw materials, NH Colla-Plus is the only product in the market that utilizes the latest spray drying technology to break down molecules, allowing collagen to be absorbed instantly by cells and penetrating deep into the dermis. Apart from that, it contains 5000mg of marine collagen which is sufficient to meet our body's collagen needs for 2 days. Its natural Vitamin C and red grape juice concentrate also provides potent antioxidant protection against oxidative damage in the skin. Its' collagen is extracted from deep-sea fish, which is totally free from impurities or pollutants; thus being completely safe to consume.

For more info you can directly go to this website @

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aNis said...

so akak..ape citer pas abeskn sekotak nh colla ? :)

andy said...

NH Colla Plus, a super-concentrated marine collagen beauty drink launched under the NH Beauty Series, contains 5,000mg of marine collagen, natural Vitamin C and red grape juice concentrate to give you gorgeous skin.

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