Monday, May 22, 2006

Birthday Party Celebration

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Sunday, 21st May 2006

My beloved son Muhamamad Amirul Haikal 5th birthday (dah besar dah dia) we (me & hubby) bring him & adik to watch his adored movies 'Over The Hedge' yang selama hari ni dia sibuk dok begging us (nak tengok) nearly everyday...akhirnya tercapai jugak hasrat dia......actually the mak long & pak long yang pay for the tickets as a token for his birthday. We reached MBO, Galaxy Ampang around 6.00p.m. due to the showtime which is at 6.15p.m. so me, hubby, afiq, ajip, kak su, abg padil, naguib, saba and ayid went to watch that movie which was ended around 8.05p.m. it was fun especially when you have all the people that you love around and when you looked at your loved one face (muka satisfied)...nampak abang, adik & ayid enjoying the show. "We" the parents pun tumpang sekakilah..right after the showtime we went for makan-makan at mamak's stall in Shamelin Area. Thought that my mom-in-law will join us but unfortunately dia ada "Kelas Zhulian". By the time sampai pun sure kitaorang dah habis takdelah tunggu dia. Nabilah pulak pergi tuition nak dekat exam so she need to struggle for success during her S.P.M. anyway we already had our gud time last nite during the barbeque time @ my house so tak regretlah, mana taknya barbeque sampai ke pukul 1.00a.m. fuhhh...TIRING..tapi takpe..janji enjoy...


Spring has arrived and an array of creatures sleeping in a large tree trunk has awakened from their winter hibernation. This group of unusual creatures, porcupines, possums, a squirrel, a skunk, has formed a family with Verne, a tortoise (voice of Bruce Willis), as the head. They discover that a tall hedge has cut their forest in half and their nut and berry trees are gone. Where are they going to get their food for next winter? Then RJ, an opportunistic raccoon (voice of Garry Shandling), enters the picture. RJ explains to the group that there is a new world called suburbia on the other side of the hedge where humans live. RJ says, "that humans live to eat, rather than eat to live". Humans throw away more food then they would ever need and put the food in garbage cans. RJ convinces them to go over the hedge to gather food for the winter.

(My Comment) This is a good movie for the whole family. The animation and storyline is excellent. I know children will like the characters and adults will be entertained by several gags made for them. You will love what happens to the evil Home Owner's Association Lady. The movie hits America's consumer economy with a commentary on our gluttonous connection to the food sector. The storyline shows that even though Verne is suspicious and jealous of RJ, that he can still form a friendship with him. The movie has a happy ending with the animals uniting as a family. With a storyline of friends, family and doing the right thing, the movie will have a great success.


shakalakaboom said...

Happy Birthday Amirul Haikal

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