Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Red Kebaya and Possessed

In case you're wondering, a "kebaya" is a traditional Malay dress. The Red Kebaya, a polished-looking production, which opens in Malaysia on Nov 23, has a peculiar storyline that involves some kind of "time-travelling".

The synopsis from the official website reads: "Latiff, a famous but lonely photographer who was orphaned as a small child, sets out on an expedition to photograph abandoned houses around Malaysia. On his journey, he is haunted by images and sounds that remind him of his traumatic childhood. At one particular house on the island of Penang, he is transported back through time to witness the shocking events that took place in the house over 50 years ago. Through his experience, Latiff understands the tragic circumstances that led to him being orphaned, and also finds an old friend."

From the trailer, it looks like the story involves an English couple an a joget dancehall girl. Interesting.

Directed by British filmmaker Oliver Knott, the film stars the very fetching Vanida Imran (the one in the poster), Ramli Hassan, Samantha Schubert (Knott's wife) and Bob Mercer.

Meanwhile, Possessed, the second feature film by Bjarne Wong, will be released in Malaysia and China on Nov 30. The horor film, which stars Malaysian supermodel Amber Chia and Korean transexual star Harisu, will also be released in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

Chia plays a supermodel who loses her memory in China, and returns to Malaysia with her boyfriends to look for her missing sister. Once back home, she begins to experience nightmares and has visions of her sister's spirit.

There is no official trailer yet, except for one on YouTube that is linked to a blog and has Harisu's name mispelled as "Hirasu" which, to me, means "Let's wait for an official trailer!"

The Red Kebaya in English and Malay while Possessed is in Mandarin.

Taken from Asia Film News Horor Thriller


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