Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Day when I & Family watched a DVD called "Just My Luck"


The movie is about always lucky Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) who is never used to a normal life. Luck always keeps striking her side and on the other hand there is Jake Hardin (Chris Pine) who is the manager of a band called McFly. He is exactly opposite to Ashley and always has bad luck.

Ashley is asked by her boss to organize a party and even gives her a credit card to get a dress of her choice. Jake wants to come to the party with the idea of meeting a very famous person who could publicize the McFly band.

A fortune teller at the place tells Ashley that there may be a change in her life because of fate and she may get bad luck but Ashley doesn't believe her. When Jake sees Ashley there he is stunned by her beauty and asks her for a dance and neither of them can see the other because they wear masks. When both of them kiss their lucks swap and Jake gets good luck and Ashley gets bad luck. She soon goes to jail because the guy that she set her boss up with turns out to be a prostitute. When she returns home she finds that her house had been affected by a flood. All she gets from her house is some junk which she drops in the elevator.

She goes to her friends' house, and they let her sleep there. At their place she breaks the mirror and then drops her contacts in cat litter and takes it and wears it again. She kisses all the dancers at the party for her luck to come back not knowing that Jake wasn't a dancer and wasn't on the list. She leaves searching for a job and has no money with her as her boss had fired her.

She goes into a restaurant and Jake who had experienced bad times offers to help her. He gives her his old job and tries to introduce her to his little cousin but Ashley thinks it to be a woman who is dating Jake and wants to get away from Jake.

On a rainy day, Ashley is helpless and Jake takes a reluctant Ashley to his huge house where she tries to wash her clothes but puts to much powder into the washing machine, (resulting to a room full of bubbles), and finally meets his cousin.

Later, Jake takes her to the place where McFly is practising and she finds out that Jake is the one who has her luck and kisses him and then Jake gets his bad luck back. As Ashley's luck finally returns, she runs into her old boss who offers her to work again. That night, she thinks about how her life was when she still had her luck and how Jake used it after giving it to him.

At the concert, things almost sabotage when one of the band members goes missing and then Ashley comes, kisses Jake and the drummer returns, and turns the concert into a big hit.

Ashley decides to avoid Jake as she doesn't want their lucks to swap again. She goes to the railway station where she finds Jake and he tries to convince her that she was all he wanted. They then kiss each other relentlessly causing their lucks to swap without stopping. Then, they both see Jake's little cousin, kiss her at the same time and she gets all the luck and wins a lottery. Later, they find a quarter deciding that they still have some luck left.


* Lindsay Lohan .... Ashley Albright
* Chris Pine .... Jake Hardin
* Samaire Armstrong .... Maggie
* Bree Turner .... Dana
* Faizon Love .... Damon Phillips
* Missi Pyle .... Peggy Braden
* Makenzie Vega.... Katy


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