Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sheep Placenta

This is my new beauty product which am taking rite now. Already taken the pills for 4 days and according to the Pharmacist results will come only after 2 weeks of usage. Ntahlah kita tengok ajelah apa keputusannya.

Below are the descriptions and it's benefits to share with you:-


Sheep placenta extract is the overall name for all the nourishing active cells extracted from sheep foetus. It is rich in nucleic acid, amino acid, muco-polysaccharide, multivitamins and very rich hormones for human growth including FSH, ICSH, BGH and BST also tissue regenerating active substances. It has been regarded by the modern medical beauty field as ‘vitamin X active substance’, with the name in English as Ovine Placenta.
Over 20 years ago, Swiss Professor Carolyn took the lead in research for ovine placenta extract beauty injections, which caused a stir in the world medical beauty sector. Since then, it has been a skincare and health product for only the rich and famous, celebrities and film stars. With the rapid development of biochemical technology, extracting sheep placenta and processing it into highly active capsules has become very safe, convenient and ideal.


Youth and Beauty

*Reduce signs of skin aging or epidermal problems, such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles, dull skin tone, dryness, sagging, eye bags and dark eye circles.
* Improves the look of the skin.
* Enhances the development of the breasts.
* Eliminates acne.

Blood and hormones

* Eliminates menstrual pain.
* Regulates menstrual periods.
* Enchances the production of blood, treat anaemia.
* Eliminates problem associated with menopause (45 to 65).
* Balances the hormones.


* Treats infertility and sterility (both male and female).
* Stops nausea and vomitting during pregnancy.
* Treats influenza and the common cold every during pregnancy.
* Stimulates the production of milk in mothers.
* Speed up recovery during give birth.

General health

* Enhances the normal growth of babies.
* Helps sick children improves their ability to fight disease.
* Eliminates fatique.

Injures and tissue damage

* Stimulates the regeneration of cells and tissues.
* Speeds up the healing of wounds.
* Speeds up recovery after surgery.
* Speeds up recovery after an illness.

The nervous system

* Regulates and normalizes the autonomic nervous system.
* Treats neurasthenia.
* Eliminates the inflammation of nerves.


* Eliminates asthma.
* Suppresses cough and mucus.
* Treats tuberculosis.
* Eliminates liver problems.
* Reduces the harmful effects of radiation.
* Eliminates rheumatoid arthritis.

Male Disease

* Increase sperm production.
* Treats Impotence.
* Improves sexual responsiveness


Aziela said...

Uisshhh....banyaknya khasiat. Sgt menariklah...

naTamieR said...

jom awak kita menggunakannya bersama-sama... :)

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