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NEEM potency of it in the cleansing of Blood and Liver

Your Health/Alternative Medicine:

‘Cuci Darah’ the Ayurvedic way

By Rajen M.

08 January, 2007

BLOOD purification is a very traditional medicine concept, and very prevalent in the east. Cuci darah as we call it here is common amongst all major races.
The roots of the concept arise from the Indian traditonal system of healing — Ayurveda, Chinese traditional medicine and in Malay medicine.

Blood is seen as the medium constantly flowing through our bodies. It supplies life giving nutrients, blood and carries away metabolic wastes.
Some of these are toxins which should be be eliminated. As they are toxic, they can cause disease and death.

Water Soluble
There are basically two types of toxins — those that dissolve in water and those that don’t.
Water soluble toxins easily pass out with urine and sweat. While they can be toxic, they do not stay in the body for long.
Fat soluble toxins stay in the body as they get stored in fatty tissue. They can remain in the body for years and cause much harm. A great example is DDT.

The liver is the largest internal organ of the body. It is the major organ of elimination.
From a holistic health paradigm, liver is considered one of the most important internal organ. Even in modern medicine, liver failure is with fatal consequence.
A sick liver means a sick body. Indeed, many of us do have sluggish livers.

The liver acts to "detoxify" the blood passing through it. The liver makes these toxins water soluble. These harmlessly pass through the kidneys out of your body with urine.

Sluggish Liver
However, there are times when the liver is overworked. This is due to pollutants that is both internal and external :
• hormonal changes at specific phases of the body (puberty, mensturation and pregnancy)
• as part of modern living (pollutants in food, drink and the air we breathe)
• following serious disease or long term medical treatment and when we consume toxic drugs.

When the liver cannot cope, the body attempts to eliminate the toxins via the skin — the largest organ of the body. This could manifest as:
• acne (common in puberty and just before the monthly mensural cycle)
• boils
• body odour
• eczema
• age spots


Herbs called "blood purifiers" can help strengthen the liver and aid this organ in cleaning the blood or pushing the toxins out.
Generally speaking, blood purifiers are bitter tasting herbs which contain natural soaps called saponins.

We sometimes call blood purifiers "alternatives" because they "alter" blood chemistry.
Alternatives enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxins via the liver by enhancing the flow of bile. Often they also help eliminate toxins via the kidney.

Dr Henry Bieler in his book, Food Is Your Best Medicine, explains that the liver is an alkaline organ. If you have tried eating liver, you will know that it is a bitter organ.
The natural bitter taste indicates alkalinity. Similarly, the liver produces bile which is also very bitter.

Dr Bieler suggests that the liver neutralises poisons by alkalinising them and eliminating them through the bile.
The bile is a bitter highly alkaline susbstance which emulsifies (or makes water soluble) the fats that we eat.

The bitter components of blood purifiers aid the liver in washing away irritants in the blood.

If you consume blood purifiers, you must remember that they will cause your body to flush out toxins. You might notice stronger or darker urine.
It may also be more pungent. Your stools may be unusual. You may notice an aggravation in the very symptoms that you are attempting to eliminate.

As your body releases the toxins, you will find an increased energy level and feeling of well being. So, don’t give up!

Neem grows here in Malaysia. It is common to all the races.
The Malays call it daun mambu while the Chinese and Indians call it chin sou chin and veepelai respectively.
It is often used for measles and chicken pox by all the races. The Indians also use it for detoxification and liver cleansing.

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is an Ayurvedic herb that holds much promise as a blood purifier. Its effects on the liver were documented in Ayurveda some 4,000 years ago.
It is one of the most exported herb out of India. When you study the literature, you will understand why.

This bitter herb enhances the bitterness of the liver. It strengthens the liver making it cleanse the blood more efficiently.
Once the liver works better, the blood flowing through it is "cleansed".

It seems to work well for acne, chicken pox and measles. There is documentation of its use in other skin conditions like psoriasis, exzema and rashes.

You can get the benefits of neem by chewing the herb. The Ayurvedic remedy is to chew about 10 leaves — two to three times daily. It is bitter and takes quite an effort.
However, as with all bitter herbs, the more bitter the better.

* Rajen M. is a pharmacist with a doctorate in Holistic Medicine. He is a director of the Malaysian Herbal Corporation and a CEO of a group of companies in alternative healthcare.


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