Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ramadhan datang lagi

The month of Ramadhan is always a special month for my family. When I was small, I still remembered the hunger and thirst during the day and it was becoming more joyous especially when it comes to the breaking fast time as the feeling of togetherness on that time with the family and relatives (specially when my dad was still around).

Yeah! Time flies so fast and my dad has gone for twelve (12) years now. Flashback, On that time Abah was so busy helping emak preparing for final preparation for berbuka puasa. During daytime abah was so busy painting the gate and walls, polishing the chairs, testing the 'lampu kelip-kelip', mopping the floor and tiles at the porch and it will continuously till Hari Raya comes. Luckily Abah was so rajin helping emak cause emak is busy working on that time (my mom is a Nurse). BUT that was the last time...12 years ago and now Abah is not here anymore. All that we have was only memories which we will never forget.


NOW, we are back to the topic, as Ramadhan also reminded me of the tasty food that emak used to cook and prepare. It also reminded me of the food that we shared with the neighbors in a way as a gifts throughout the holly month. Those practises were not being practised anymore as NOW all of the neighbors was so busy I GUESS as they prefer to buy the foods from 'Bazaar Ramadhan" as compared to the last time. Due to time consuming and workloads they prefer to purchase rather than cook. By the time they'd reached home it is nearly 7 o'clock (same goes with me...hehehehe).

BUT, I can still share the feeling of togetherness NOW during breaking fast especially with my NEW family members i.e. my lovely husband and my kids (meyol & afiq) and the feels become more joyous with the little princess (icha) around.

I am so thankful and blessed being surrounded with my lovely families. Thank you so much ALLAH s.w.t. "ku bersyukur di atas segala pemberian dan kurniaan MU selama hayatku ini, semoga ianya berterusan dan berkekalan sehingga ke akhirnya dan semoga KAU mencucuri rahmat ke atas ROH arwah ayahanda kesayanganku dan moga beliau di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman dan bertaqwa di sisiMU. Semoga amalan kita sentiasa diberkati dan dirahmati."



Ikhlas daripada kami sekeluarga.


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