Monday, August 29, 2011

When Friends keep Matching You Up

If a well meaning friend keep trying to shove you into dates with available men, here's how to deal with your pal:

: Take a risk: Go on a few dates to see what thesebguys are like. It could be that one of them turns out to be your perfect match. If not, then tell your frined very clearly the next day why he was not your type.

: Direct Her: When you see some guys she knows at a dance club and you think one of them is cute, ask if she could find a way to get you closer by asking them to come over and join you for a drink.

: Avoid Blind Dates: If they are just too cringeful, ask your friend to invite the guy for drinks at her place so you can suss him out without feeling pressured.

:Talk Straight: Tell your girlfriend if you're not ready to date again or you prefer to find a guy in a less orchestrated way.

: Be Gracious: If your friend won't take the hint, don't cause a scene there and then. Be polite and friendly with the guy she's pushing your way, then have coffee the next day with your bestie and explain that her matchmaking is really making you uncomfortable even though you know she is just trying to help. Get her to make a promise that she will stop.

:Fake A Date: Find a colleague's brother or cousin to come along with you to a party and fake being your "date". Pretend to your friends that you too have started dating a bit and hopefully they will all get off your back.

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