Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Polite Are We?

Are good manners dead?

Did you know that people in Zagreb are most likely to pick up dropped papers, while citizens in Helsinki will let you flail.

Women were slightly more courteous than men and oddly both groups were significantly more polite towards their own sex.

Here are "The Most Courteous People In The World"

New York City, USA                              80%
Zurich, Switzerland                                77%
Toronto, Canada                                     70%
Berlin, Germany                                     68%
Sao Paulo, Brazil                                     68%
Zagreb, Croatia                                       68%
Auckland, New Zealand                         67%
London, UK                                             57%
Stockholm, Sweden                                63%

Meanwhile "The Least Courteous People In The World"

Mumbai, India                                               32%
Bucharest, Romania                                      35%
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     37%
Seoul, Korea                                                  40%
Singapore                                                       42%
Jakarta, Indonesia                                        43%
Taipei, Taiwan                                               43%
Hong Kong                                                     45%
Milan, Italy                                                    47%
Sydney, Australia                                         47%
Manila, Philippines                                       48%
Amsterdam, Netherlands                           52%

New Yorkers won't let the door slam in your face, but you've got to watch out for your nose in Bangkok in the other words she might say that "I'm not a doorman.  It's not my job to hold doors.  If someone gets hurt they should be quicker on their feet". hahahahaha..............

Many older people we encountered complained that courtesy was less prevalent among the young.  But we found that the under 40s were by a small margin, the most helpful of all age groups and the over 60s the least.  The younger, the more courteous it seems.

So friends, no more whingeing about the younger generation not being up to standard! Coz everybody are the same.


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