Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Samsung Filed Complaint Against Apple

Paris : South Korea's Samsung Electronics has filed a complaint in France against its US rival Apple for infringement of three mobile phone technology patents in its iPhone and iPad products.

The complaint focuses on three technology patents, and not on the design of the Tablets, as was the case in a complaint filed in Germany that Apple won recently, a Samsung spokesman said.

The first hearing is expected in December.

A source familiar with the complaint said it concerns three Samsung patents concerning UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) which is one type of so-called third-generation mobile phone technology.

The complaint targets Apple's iPhone 3G and 3GS and iPhone4 smartphone models, and first and second-generation iPads that are mobile phone capable, added the source.

Recently, a court in Duesseldorf banned Samsung from selling its latest Galaxy Tab 10.1 Tablet computer in Germany, rulling it had copied Apple's iconic iPad.

Samsung has said it plans to appeal the decision.

In the Netherlands, a court in The Hague banned three Samsung telephone models on Aug 24 following an Apple suit.

Samsung launched a counter-claim due to be heard by the same court on Sept 26.

The two firms are also locked in legal battles in Australia, the Unites States and Asia.

Samsung has responded to Apple's accusation by filing suits of its own in Seoul, asking for a ban on sales of the US firm's products in South Korea.

The tussle began in April when Apple filed a suit accusing Samsung of copying its smartphones and Tablet computers.

Samsung responded with a claim in Seoul alleging five patent infringements by Apple. - AFP


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