Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tidak Perlu Membawa Buku Nota

Feel Free, It's Note!

Galaxy Note is

A new type of smartphone, borne of insight and innovation.

It is the ultimate on-the-go device which consolidates core benefits of diverse mobile devices
while maintaining smartphone portability.
It empowers you with everything you can ever desire so that you can simply, feel free. It is truly smart.

Consumer research indicates that people always want to do more tasks much better, even on the go, whether it is web browsing, email, games, or viewing photos and videos.

To do all this, consumers carry multiple devices, because each device has unique benefits that work best in a particular situation. Therefore, consumers constantly switch devices to use the right device at the right time.

Even for consumers with multiple smart devices, they still carry around a notepad for writing down ideas.

There is an emerging desire for a primary device for on-the-go use that could consolidate the core tasks of multiple devices as well as recreate the ease and simplicity of using a pen and paper.
  • Large & immersive screen with smartphone
  • Full screen utilization for fast and effective tasking
  • Free capturing and creation
  • Powerful performance

The GALAXY Note was created to reflect your desires.The Galaxy Note is a primary device that will minimize the need to switch to other devices while on the go and open up the potential of your mobile experience.

For more info visits www.samsung.com


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